PV Panels: Photovoltaic (PV) technology has been used to power homes for many years. At Imminent solar we only use Tier One and Tier Two branded panels and our range includes:

-Canadian Panel

-Q Cells Panel

-Jinko Panel

-ET Solar

-Infinity Panel

-GCL Panel

-GY Poly Panel


Solar Invertors: A solar inverter is an essential component of any solar system. Like panels, we provide the top brand inverters available in the market such as:





Hybrid Invertors: Also known as ‘on-grid solar with battery storage,’ hybrid solar system generates power in the same way as a typical grid connected solar system but has the ability to store the solar energy generated. It includes major advantage of using solar energy during peak times (self-use or load-shifting). The hybrid invertors we offer are:




Micro Invertors: A micro inverter is an inverter designed to be attached to, or on the railing behind, one or two solar panels at the array. The greatest advantages of the APS micro invertors that we offer are:

-Allows all panels to output their maximum power, and not be brought down by neighboring panels

-Longer Warranty

-No single point of failure


Batteries: Solar batteries are rechargeable batteries which have been developed specifically for use in photovoltaic systems. They are used especially in stand-alone systems for storage of energy produced by solar panels and batteries as a buffer when major consumer operation. The batteries we offer are:




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